Sunday, August 16, 2009

What happened to the summer?!

I just can't believe my last post was dated back in May. Yes, yes, I thought I could blog more in the summer. Here I am, almost the end of the summer, and kids start school in a week, I just realized that I have not posted once in the past 3 months. Sorry. Have to keep this one short, too.

(The picture on the top was taken at Chicago's downtown Millennium Park. I call it "The Helmet!")

Lots of tart making this summer. Here is one of my creations, Mango tart with Almond cream base and pastry cream filling. Very good combination, to my surprise, and summery taste. Love it! I also made several fruit tarts, pear tarts, and Tirimisu tarts for various occasions and orders. It's a tart summer! 

Have to go now. Will come back soon for regular, well more regular, posting later. Summer in the upper Midwest is going away fast. We are taking in as much as we can! 


  1. Busy enjoying every bit of the summer, and baking of course. Kids were very busy which means I am busy driving them around their business. Can't wait to see you soon. Kids are very excited about night markets! :)

  2. Thanks Chia. I love getting comments, and I miss your fruit tarts a lot. If you make an extra, send it to Qatar :)