Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry White Christmas!


Isn't this beautiful! The upper mid-west had a huge snow storm starting Tuesday to Wednesday. It dumped about 18 inches heavy snow in our yard and landscape. This storm was the 2nd biggest I have seen in the 20 years here. It made a scene, and truly a beautiful scene. This picture is taken about 1/2 mile down the road from my house. Took the picture on the home from dropping kids at school. I have to mention, the temperature is about 5 F, but the sun is making every shining and warm. I love it.

Here are kids cleaning snow on Wednesday morning. It took us more than 2 hours in the morning and husband an hour in the afternoon to clear the drive way and side walk. Nobody went anywhere that day. Kids were so joyous of the snow. They played and built forts. Meimei always hides treats in hers so Jack, our black lab, can go find them. 

We are celebrating dear son's 14th birthday today. It's been a hectic week for all of us, finishing up things before our big trip. Yes, we are leaving tomorrow to visit my home city for 3 weeks!!! It's been 4 years for son and husband. Meimei and I were there 2 years ago. My mom has been asking a couple of weeks ago if I were done packing. Are you kidding? I just finished all the laundry this morning and started the packing process. Didn't realize how much stuff I am bringing home until they were all laid out in front of me. That's okay, though. Husband is at work; kids are at school; bird is at the sitter; I was ready to go. I have pretty much got it done. I still need to drop off Jack the dog at the friend and stop by the library to get books for kids. Whew! Then, we can have a good birthday dinner with kids. I didn't make cakes for him this year, but he knows that we will have many different kinds of cakes when we get to Taipei. 

Kids really miss not having a Christmas tree this year since we are traveling. Son has been cutting family tree since he was 11, and we are very proud of him stepping up for the role. Meimei is still a little girl, well she is only 11, and loves decorating the tree and surprises. We will be celebrating the Savior's birth on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. It has a lot of meaning to me. I didn't have time to make much Christmas cookies or treats, but I did make a batch of pecan tassies. This little yumminess has become part of our Christmas traditions for many years. This recipe is originated by Pampered Chef, but I modified it. If I ever get a chance to blog on my vacation, I'll add the recipe.

Merry Christmas to everyone. We shall be back on the New Year Day!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Your post make me hungry for all the good food. Have fun (eating) in Taipei. Please give my greeting to your parents?