Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My First Ever!!!

I can't believe I am doing this - I am blogging!!! Oh well, there is always the first time. I am no good at photographing; I am no good at English wording; I am no experienced at blogging. But I love baking. It can be a struggle deciding to bake or not to bake while there are work, house, family, piano, kids, husband, friends, and on and on. Finally, I decided that this is a place to record my on-going learning of baking and cooking and growing in many different ways.

I have learned from many bloggers who are far beyond me yet have shared so much with people like me, those who are Helen, Aran, April, and many more. My greatest appreciations go to them.

Thanks to dear friend P.-Y. for taking these pictures with her flowers. Oh yes, I am also no good at gardening, but she is. 

Like many others, I also have a bad habit of collection cook books. Dorie Greenspan's Desserts by Pierre Herme is my new love lately. I followed almost to the exact making this lemon tart. I also made some small tartlets but they were all gone to many happy stomachs before I could bring out the camera. I again need to thank Aran for pointing the right place to get those small tart rings. I love them. 

This will be it for the first shot. More later.


  1. Look forward to your second ... -jd

  2. This is perfect for you! Have always enjoyed your delicious confections...LOB

  3. Chia - This is awesome. Looks like I'm your first follower....can't wait to see more!! If you need to try out your desserts on anyone, I'm here for you!! cal

  4. Welcome to blogging! Hope you have a lot of fun at it!

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  6. 咦,我試成功了耶,還嚇了一跳

  7. This is you! Congratulations. I have a farm blog spot..I will have to send u the link. Lorraine

  8. April, you are so funny.

    Thanks for all the other comments. I am loving blogging so far, except that I need to find time to do it.

  9. Hi Chia,

    I love the title of your blog. I will say ABSOLUTELY to bake!

    Your pictures are beautiful and the cake looks delicious!