Monday, May 4, 2009

Completely Happy!

It's hard to find time blogging. One of my main reasons for this blog is to pay tributes to some important people. Well, I realized how much time I need to compose each post. Now, I have a few posts pending in my file folder, and I will get to them when I have time. 
Just want to post a few pictures of birthday cakes I made in the past 4 months. 

Friends are very good to me. They give me total freedom creating cakes for them. From the time they order, I start forming idea from the cake body, the flavor of the mousse, the layers, the frosting, to the decoration. Each cake is custom made and often different. It really challenges me, and I love it. 

The cake on the top is a chocolate chiffon cake with white chocolate whipped cream, of course layered with strawberry slices and topped with many strawberries.  The cake on the upper right is the green tea mousse with green tea sponge cake base. The one to the right is basically followed the Mascarpone and blueberry cake in Dorie Greenspan's book "Desserts by Pierre Herme", and obviously I used strawberries instead. The cake below is a chocolate mousse finished with ganache. 


  1. Hey Chia -
    Your cakes look absolutely awesome - I am intrigued by the green tea mousse cake, but have to say the chocolate ganache is calling my name!!

  2. Looks good, but do they taste good:O OK, you know my birthday is close and i know you WON'T forget this year. send me few cakeS or coming over to make it here^^

  3. You will have to come and try. I promise to make anything you want, my brother. :)